Roberto Cavalli Regina Fringe Leather Handbag

Roberto Cavalli Regina Fringe Leather

One of the design solutions that we like the most is when the modern is combined with the old, as this retro look always looks so interesting and makes every accessory stand out from the others. This is exactly the case with Regina Fringe Leather Small Satchel, yet another leather bag from the Roberto Cavalli designer.

You will notice the ’70s look of this handbag right away – the fringes on both sides were certainly a good idea, assuring us that the old man (with this we mean Roberto Cavalli, of course) still knows what he’s doing.

Regina Fringe Leather Small Satchel comes in two colors – black and burnt orange, both of which look pretty good though we have to say that the orange color is a bit more in touch with the whole retro design than the black, but you won’t make a mistake by choosing it if you’d like your bag to go well with your collection of black clothes.
Roberto Cavalli Regina Fringe Leather Handbag
The calfskin out of which this luxurious leather bag is made is textured, which is always a plus in our book and feels a lot better under the hands than just a simple, flat surface.

There are two leather handles here, one on the each side of the bag, featuring inlaid faceted chains which give yet another unique touch to this design. When we opened the bag, we noticed that there are two main compartments that are divided by a smaller pocket that has a zipper.

The bag has the standard magnetic flap closure, with interwoven sides. The next thing of notice here are, of course, the fringes, the main culprits for the distinctive look of this bag. There’s about thirty of them on each side of the bag, and each of these fringes has a metal tip.

Last but not least, there’s the well-known Roberto Cavalli handbags signet on the frontal part, the main reason because of which the cost of this bag is nearly €2,000. If the ’70s chic vibe is something you’ve always wanted to be known for, this price won’t be a problem for you.

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