Fendi 3Baguette Chain Magenta Leather Shoulder Bag

Fendi 3Baguette Chain Magenta Leather Shoulder Bag

One thing is for sure – there is no way for this bag to go unnoticed. It is the definition of the word “chic”, as it’s the combination of a striking pink color and some simple elements of decoration, a combination we found very sleek and remarkable. It is attractive and a great accessory for any occasion, guaranteed to attract the attention of everyone around.

The 3baguette Chain Magenta Leather Shoulder Bag, made by FENDI, is made of soft leather that comes from calf skin, and you will notice this softness immediately after taking it in your hands. The needlework is well placed, easily visible on the front side of the bag. The leather and the decorations give this bag a very vintage feel, strengthened by the look of an elegant enamel lock (twist mechanics) on the front, featuring the new design of the FF logo and looking like it came out of the Art Deco age.

Beside the small-sized chains that come on one of the shoulder straps, the lock with a logo is the only decoration on this luxurious bag, giving it that simple, minimalistic look. And since we mentioned the leather straps – you get two of them, as they are interchangeable. There is a shorter one, with the already mentioned chains on the either side, and the longer one which is adjustable and allows you to wear it cross-body. In our opinion, these leather straps are one of the big pluses of this bag – it’s really easy to change them and make you feel like you have two and not one bag. The internal part brings two compartments and some gold hardware detail, and we’re pretty sure that every lady will like it. The weight of the bag is 1 kg, and the height is 15 cm.

The 3baguette Chain Magenta Leather Shoulder Bag is definitely one of the best luxurious handbags that you can find on the market – the coolest thing about it being that it not only looks (really) good, but it’s also very functional and will serve you well in any occasion.

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